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    Costs To Expect

    To obtain a real estate broker license in Oregon you must:

    1. Register for an account in eLicense.
    2. Apply for a broker license and pay the $300 non refundable broker license fee in eLicense.
    3. Successfully complete the 150-hour required course of study from an Agency approved real estate school (list of accepted schools is on the Oregon Real Estate Agency Website, program fees vary, usually from $300+).
    4. Schedule and pay for the license exam. The exam is available to take in Medford at PSI, the cost is $75.
    5. Pay $56.25 to get fingerprinted for the Background Check while at PSI testing center.
    6. Pass both the state and federal exams.

    In order to sell real estate with Top Agents Real Estate Company you must be a member of the Local, State, and National Association of REALTORS®. Those initial dues are $1107.50 (This includes: Local $175.00, State $402.50, National $280.00), then $645.00 annually (as of 2019). Total dues may be higher based on when you join, as you’ll be paying prorated fees for the current year plus the following year.

    Other RVAR Fees:

    • Once you have paid the $250 RVAR Application Fee to the association, completed the RVAR orientation and have been inducted you will receive $100 refund by check.
    • $5 E-Key set-up.
    • $30 Activation.
    • $50 Application fee for the MLS ($25 refunded).
    • $13 monthly fee for E-Key access.
    • $57 monthly Southern Oregon MLS fee.
    • $109 for a key box as needed (they are under warranty so once the battery is under 10% you return it to RVAR and they will send it off to SUPRA for a replacement).

    Misc Costs:

    • Oregon Real Estate Forms
    • DocuSign
    • Signs & sign posts
    • Head shots
    • Business Cards
    • Computer
    • Printer